Regional Contact FAQs

Will I lose my job?

Nobody ever has. You can be as discreet about it as you want. You don't have to tell anyone (not even us) your real name, exactly where you work, your home address or anything.

What do I get?

A card on your birthday and a signed photograph of Bruce Willis. No, it doesn't work like that. You get a good laugh, and it feels good to know that we're all working together for something that is really worthwhile. You get consulted on all important decisions, as soon as you become a designated regional contact you're part of the deision making process as much as the rest of us. Oh, and you'll get to tell your grandchildren that you were on the side of freedom!

What will I be expected to do?

Well, not a great deal to be honest. How much you do is really up to yourself. You'll be expected to reply to occasional e-mails from workers living locally and to encourage them, to share ideas with them, etc. You must post a piece of news every month at (it could just be a bote saying there was no news...) so that people know you are still out there. You shoudl subscribe to the McWorkers Forum and contribute anything you want. If you get in regular contact with a few other local workers then you might want to start a local group. Aside from that what you do is up to you- you could try and push the group in your local store, you could try and publicise the web site around the internet, you could write to local papers, you could distribute leaflets to other McDonalds, we could send you stickers and you can put these up near McDonalds in your town... Or you might feel these things are too risky or that you just don't have time. That's no problem, nobody will try and pressure you into doing more than you want to.

What if I become a regional contact then stop working for McDonalds?

Then it would be up to you whether you wanted to stay involved with the campaign. It's not like the army, you don't have to do a minimum period of service!

But I've never done anything like this before?

And like we had! MWR is very much 'no previous experience necessary' (see, we've got one thing in common with McD's). We are all just working things out as we go along.

'Okay, I'm up for it!'