Direct Action from Thessaloniki, Greece

smackdonalds- a McDonalds gets it in Prague, S26 2000

Because McDonalds workers are not allowed to organise openly, we are especially dependent on outside help. 'McSues' magazine was distributed around the world and much of this has been thanks to 'outside' help. We're very grateful to everyone who has helped get our ideas to McDonalds workers. Just now we have lots of stickers to give away. So if you're going to be visiting a McDonalds, whether for business or pleasure, we'd be grateful if you'd stick some up.

Also, we don't ask people to boycott McDonalds (although it's hard to think of a reason why anyone would want to eat there) so if you're in getting some scran, why not mention this website to the poor bastard that serves you?

If you are ever involved in a protest at a McDonalds, then it might be worth printing this out so the workers can understand a bit more what's going on and can get involved.

Finally, if you are involved with a workers' group or another campaign, then please share your information and we can see how we can support each other. Solidarity!


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I'll have a pint of that please

I think they're still having a go at that McDonalds in Prague

"OK, we smashed the MckyD's, we smashed the KFC, where the fuck are we gonna eat tonight?" May Day 2000, Churchill Day, London Town, we know someone who works in that one