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Get involved with MWR today, click here for all the latest news and campaigns plus a list of regional contacts... Get off your knees and get active you servile wretch! MWR is your organisation... Welcome to the underground!

Help and resources... A few things to help you in your rightous crusade against the evil empire... Bag some snazzy (and free!) stickers... Check out your rights, it wont take long, you've not got many... Read badly dated McHumour... Or the Alternative Crew Handbook with all you need to know to survive the job...

Analysis... Because it's not just about smoking spliffs on trash walks... Our store manager once said, "you need to have a long hard think about why you're here", so we did... Interviews, speeches and articles... We're talkin bout a revolution...

History and Information... In 1998 some workers at a McDonalds in Glasgow, Scotland, tried to start a union, they ended up with McDonalds Workers Resistance, once described as "a dynamic rebellion, changing workplace politics forever"...

Looking for a job? What's it like to work for McDonald's?

Fed up working your ass off for the minimum wage while some lazy git sits in an office getting rich off your back? Had enough of being told how to look, what to think and when to smile? Sick of late nights without overtime, all the crawling to 'superiors' and the company's idiotic propaganda? Ready for a resistance network that's international, combative and capable of standing up to McDonalds?

McDonalds is able to keep screwing us over because they do everything in their power to stop us organising. For decades they've used myriad tactics, both legal and illegal, to try and stop their massive workforce from organising itself and putting an end to the exploitation that keeps the dollars rolling into McDonalds profit bank. They know that if we were organised they wouldn't get away with paying us such crap wages to work in such crap conditions.

Now the tide has turned. McDonalds Workers Resistance is their worst nightmare. A loose network of McDonalds employees, always flexible, dynamic and unpredictable, we work together to strengthen the position of workers in relation to our employer. Unidentifiable and uncompromising, the sexiest workplace rebellion ever started in a Glaswegian McDonalds...

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