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MWR is very much something we have to do ourselves. It only exists so long as McDonalds workers want to be part of it. That means you, I'm afraid. You are McDonalds Workers Resistance… Welcome to the underground!

So how do you get active? Well that's up to you but here are some suggestions…

There are a number of ways to get involved with the McResistance. Firstly, and most obviously, talk to your workmates, fuck shit up and refuse to be treated like a performing woodlouse!

However, in order to help us co-ordinate our resistance a bit, it might be an idea to subscribe to the e-mail discussion group that has been set up to facilitate co-ordination and communication within the whole McDonalds workers movement (not just MWR). If you would like to learn more about this list, please go to:

To subscribe to the McWorkers Forum please send blank mail to:

Then, you might like to consider becoming an MWR regional contact. It's the best way to start building the resistance in your area. Nobody needs to know your real name, exact store you work at, blood group, whether you wax or shave, or anything else…
MWR doesn't have a 'party line' that everyone is expected to agree with, that's not what we're about. Everyone has his or her own ideas and opinions. However, MWR does have a few basic principles that have always defined the organisation. If you agree with the aims and principles of MWR as set out at then you are welcome to become a regional contact, if for some reason you don't, perhaps you could start a new organisation? If you are still interested in being a regional contact then you should add your details to the list at: In order not to get sacked, you should use an e-mail address that is anonymous.

We ask that if you no longer wish to be a regional contact, you indicate this on the list. We also ask that you post at least one message a month (even if it is just to say that not much is happening) so that people know you are still out there. Failure to post for two months or failure to respond to inquiries will result in you being removed from the list of contacts. For more information on the role of regional contacts, please see: or the regional contact FAQS at

You may already be part of a group of workers at your store who support the resistance. If not, unless like Rambo you only work alone, you'll probably want to start one! Here are some basic tips for starting a resistance group at your store.


If you think some snazzy MWR stickers and leaflets would help kick things off at your store, then follow this link!

If you do not agree with all the basic principles of MWR but are still interested in what's going on, then you are welcome to subscribe to our occasional announcement list. Please send mail to

Maybe you don't work for McDonalds but might still be able to help?

Liberation begins when we put self-respect before burgers! Don't take shit, make it!


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