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report on the international McStrike, Oct. 2002

Local MWR sites...

MWR Manchester looks great, give it a visit!

MWR Midlands A great site very important to the struggle in the Midlands

Other McDonalds Workers Groups...

Workers Resistance Against McDonalds (WRAM) A highly recomended site, the online community for McWorkers.

The critically aclaimed (McDoof!) Super slick, super sexy McWorkers site with forums, polls and loads more

The equally magnificent site by McWorkers in the North West(McShit) The kids sure know how to design websites these days... Best collection of McImages on the web!

The skivers dream, the ever expanding (McSlackers) you will piss yourself, or at least chortle knowingly.

McDonalds International Liberation Front (MILF) A message from the very angry MILF!

Our comrades in Russia (you need a browser with Russian characters to visit)

Our friends in Italy... and our other friends in Italy!

Other McDonalds Stuff...

mcspotlight Quite simply it is to anti-McDonalds sites what Pele was to football, Ali to boxing and Richard and Judy to day time TV. With millions of hits and almost as many pages, it's the ultimate source of information on our employers. "An image conscious corporations worst nightmare"... is run by an individual and has lots of interesting information and links. it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Other Workers Stuff...

Most folk get out of McDonalds with a few burns and cuts but things can be a lot more serious for coal miners. Many former miners suffer from pit lung and other conditions. Having screwed folk out of their jobs, the government want to screw them out of the pitiful compensation they are entitiled to as well. offers advice on making claims for compensation and loads of other stuff. Lots of people have wanted to shut this site down, check out why.

Have a look at the great Italian based workers site at, they've been involved in organising protests and demos around McDonalds workers issues.

The IWA is an international group of anarcho-syndicalists. Unlike many trade unions, this organisation is not hierarchical and is controlled by the ordinary workers. Members of the IWA have been a great help to MWR. Visit their web site!

Another organisation that has helped us is the legendary Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) or Wobblies. One big union for all the workers in all the industries all over the world! Like the IWA, IWW campaigns are controlled by the workers, not by another set of bosses.

And if these ideas sound good, then check out

McJobs are part of a general trend of employment where jobs are more temporary, less secure and workers are less well trained. In the building industry this leads to an increase in accidents. Casualisation Kills! Simon Jones was killed on his first day at work on a building site. People like Simon Jones get killed at work all the time and little gets said about it, but the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign decided to kick up shit. Here's how they did it. is a US based site for anyone working in the retail industry. A really great and helpful site whre they don't shy away from controversy

Fight Poverty Pay Campaign, sounds pretty relevant doesn't it? Visit their web site for more.

Other Stuff...

One week your wanting a few pence more an hour and to get the managers off your back, before you know it you're worried about all sorts of things: peasants displaced from their land by cattle ranching in Brazil, the conditions dairy cows live in, rainforest depletion and climate change... There are tens of thousands of campaigns like ours going on all over the world, and we've all got a common enemy- capitalism. Many of these diverse struggles are linked together by a network called Peoples' Global Action (PGA)

Want to read some of the stuff the papers don't tell you? Check out a-infos and independent media

Drugs, politics, football... Urban 75 it's the way forward

Apparently some people read things called books, if this appeals then where better to get them than AK Press? They've got all sorts of books, although not enough have pictures.

If a meaningful life and an end to exploitation sounds a wee bit distant then perhaps you can find romance and/ or get laid while we're waiting. Try Love@Lycos, you can claim that you work at something less embarassing and maybe escpape the misery and pointlessness of it all for two minutes of intense physical pleasure.

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