McSues,the piss take magazine from Glasgow MWR. Described as the hardest hitting workers' paper in the world. The online version is text only, paper versions have pictures, cartoons, crosswords, fun for all the family. If you would like to be sent paper versions (free!) to distribute around your store, then that's a fucking shame 'cos we've run out of the rags. But if you work for McD's and think you might like to help with issue 3 contact us.

McSues, Issue 1 December 2000

McSues, Issue 2 October 2001

"The global fast food chain faces a rebellion from its most powerful detractors yet: its own employees (...) issue one seethes with vitriolic bile against the golden arches corporation"

The Face

"McSues is an excellent handbook for anyone who has ever had to scoop fries and slosh a mop around the latrines while still flashing a smile for the customers. The magazine urgers its readers to sabotage the company by unplugging equipment, working at the pace of 'a constipated man', and acting deliberately stupid in front of punters. They also advocate the stealing of happy toys."


"Your disgusting offensive rubbish (...) I was disgusted (...) You could be making a serious argument to persuade others of your views but all the foul mouthed totally unnecessary swearing shows what you really are. You are fucking idiots, what if kids picked this up, or don't they matter? (...) you think you are so cool but you are typical burger flippers. You should go back to flipping burgers or get an education before you go talking about thigs you can't understand (...) you are scum and you don't deserve minimum wage. If everyone was like you there would be no economy."

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