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Please say a very warm welcome to MWR's newest reps. We are very pleased to introduce MWR in Virginia USA ( virginia@mwr.org.uk ), and in Quebec (where there have been so many struggles between McDonalds and workers over the years- quebec@mwr.org.uk ).


Some BRILLIANT news from Glasgow, we've worked out how to update the site on the new hosting... at last! Ya fucking dancer! Sure we will have loads of interesting things to say over the next few days.


Some really good news from Quebec. After so many bitter struggles between workers trying to unionise and McDonalds over the last few years, employees of a McDonald's restaurant in Rawdon, Quebec have obtained a collective agreement. Jean Lortie of the Confederation of National Trade Unions says the contract was ordered by the Quebec arbitration tribunal and cannot be appealed. The union organizing effort at Rawdon, 60 kilometres north of Montreal, began when 25 workers signed union cards on January 9th, 2001. Only two are still working at the restaurant. The contract came after failed bids in the last four years to reach contracts with McDonald's restaurants in Montreal and Squamish, B.C.

Also, here are a couple of new scams courtesy of MWR Wales- On a close when its dark, you and a colleague dress up lookin like thiefs, take the car keys belonging to the best car owned by a wanker manager, and get someone to scream ''(example) your cars being nicked!''. Of course when they run out, simply take the joke as far as you want, whether it be simply putting the key in the ignition, or driving the car around the corner, abandoning it, and returning to your station via the back door! it does work! Also, when you have a manager that gets really stressed grab a mobile ring the store, and tell him/her that you are from a local newspaper and you have received a complaint about spitting in burgers/sexual haraassment/slave labour etc, again take it as far as you want!!!

Beautiful! For more scams see: The Alternative Crew Handbook

Just a wee warning that there could be a few teething problems with the new design, so apologies in advance.


A period of obsessive work has resulted in a mass of new pages! You may have seen that the home page has changed a bit. In addition to McSues magazine and information on the global day of action, we have developed three main sections. About MWR has links to information about the movement, how it works, etc. As part of this we are proud to present the long awaited frequently asked questions, hopefully it will explain where we're coming from. Then there's a section with links to Information and Resources from MWR. A big part of this section is The Heavy Stuff. It's a collection of short articles we've written to try and explain/ defend what we do. As some people might be aware we're not very popular with the loopier sections of the ecological movement so there's a response to eco-fundamentalists as well as thoughts on trade unions, and a few ideas on McDonalds importance to capitalism generally and other stuff like (astonishingly) criticisms of MWR. Then the third major section is our fantastic new, going to be very controversial Alternative Crew Handbook. It's a few light hearted documents all about the job and how to survive it - essential reading for every McWorker! There's a piece on "stealing", advice on working on front and much, much more. And we've added other stuff like a site highlights page (quotes from site with links), Casper's minutes- the full, frank and fearless account of one of MWR's weekly meetings (please don't take it too seriously, we've got to have a laugh as well). And there's more information on becoming an MWR regional contact and other bits and pieces. We've been busy! (and there's still lots to come)

Anyway, we'd really apreciate any feedback on the new stuff and on the state of the site generally in its new form. It would be really good to get different opinions. Okay, happy reading, may the movement grow and grow!

Oh, and if you like what we've done, then please publicise our efforts in any way you can. Thanks!


We now have a regional contact for the Greater London area! Her name is Trixxy and she can be contacted at: greaterlondon@mwr.org.uk


Solidarity to everyone participating in the Italian general strike and especially to McDonalds workers. Today an estimated 20 million people took the day off work, it's the first general strike in Italy for 20 years. 3 million people flooded the streets. Here's some of them in Turin: Italians join the crush after a rumour spreads that someone has spotted Casper They are opposing new labour laws being pushed through by Italy's hated burly-sconi. Although, personally I think if you've got to have politicians then it's more fun if they're in the mafia. Many McDonalds workers in Italy are in the Confederazione Generale Italiana del lavoro (CGIL), Giacomo Barbieri of CGIL said "people have rights and must defend their dignity".

Not such a good day for this big guy. crew member Bove, go home and shave and put the damned pipe out

No, not Sherlock Holmes. This is a Frenchman, not just being stereotypical because he has unusual facial hair, it's Jose Bove. Bove is a French farmer who got pissed off about the tax on cheese. This sounds like the start of a racist joke but it's true. The relevance? Well Bove is very famous for dismantling a half built McDonalds with a tractor as a protest against globalisation which we think makes him a good guy! (even if he has set himself up as a bit of a nationalist symbol). So we're sad to hear it looks like Bove is going to face a stretch in jail after a judge ruled it wasn't a legitimate protest. Bastards.


We’ve got some sad news I’m afraid. Please spare a thought for McDonald's Chairman and Chief Executive Jack Greenberg who unfortunately had his bonus frozen for 2001 because the company failed to achieve its financial objectives. This means that Jack will have to scrape by with a miserly bonus of $1.2 million, unchanged from the previous year and his impoverished salary of $1.4 million, up slightly from the $1.3 million he got in 2000. Additionally, Greenberg was granted 675,000 stock option in 2001 that vest in 2004 with exercise prices of $29.43 and $28.90 a share and expirations dates in 2011. In 2001, Greenberg exercised 150,000 stock options for a profit of $2.8 million. At the end of the year, he held 2.2 million vested options with an estimated value of $13.7 million as well as 2.8 million unvested options. McDonald's granted Greenberg 649,500 long-term incentive "units" in 2001 that have a maximum future payout of $2.4 million, subject to the achievement of performance goals for the years 2001 through 2003. If you don’t know exactly what all that means then don’t worry, neither do we. However, it’s probably a safe bet to guess it means that he is considerably richer than us.



OK, sorry, we've taken this too far. The April the first post was, of course, an April fools joke. "Burger Jester"? UKIP? Come on! We are not complete arseholes. Sorry for any confusion but please no more outraged comments. Next year we'll make it less subtle. MWR Branded clothing funded by 'Burger Jester', fucking hell...


We've started a guestbook so please sign it and say something nice.


MWR today finalised negotiations with the UK Independence Party and local independent food chain, Burger Jester, to promote British business and oppose globalisation. Burger Jester's employees earn a starting rate of £5.50 an hour (more than a pound more than McDonalds), stay much longer in the job and generally work in less formal conditions. Of course, the job is not perfect but it is a clear improvement on McDonalds. Similarly it is obvious that our political programme is very different from that of the UK Independence Party and we would like to make clear that we only support them on the issue of opposition to globalisation and the need to keep business (while it exists) local.

MWR will be involved in a video which will become part of future UKIP election campaigns and will also feature and be part funded by Burger Jester. In return the UKIP is to include (as yet unstipulated) commitments to British workers rights in their next manifesto while Burger Jester have agreed to prioritise disatisfied McDonalds workers in recruitment drives and to fund the design and production of MWR branded clothing (yes, 'buy the T-shirt'), which we will then hopefully be able to sell and use the proceeds to meet the ever increasing costs of our operation.

Keep it local, keep it real!


We've churned out another tedious monthly bulletin



Funnywump called up business tycoon Richard Branson on his mobile the other day. "To be honest the exchange would have been funnier if I could have heard a word the fucker said... he owns a mobile phone company, you'd have thought he could have got one that works."

Anyway, wump calls RBs mobile but it's switched off, so he tries again later: (beep, beep, crackle, crackle) FW: Hi, Richard? RB: Yes FW: How are you? RB: Yes (mumble, crackle) FW: I'm phoning on behalf of McDonalds Workers Resistance, em, you're very much the happy smiling face of rampant capitalist greed... RB: (crackled laugh) FW: We were wondering if you'd like to donate to our cause? RB: Sorry, who did you say you were? FW: You've the memory of a gold fish, MWR, and the cause is the destruction of wage labour, one which I'm sure is very close to your heart RB: I don't (mumble, crackle, mumble) FW: What about shares in your beard? RB HANGS UP FW: Virgin "it's over man, he's gone"

It went something like that anyway.

So, that didn't achieve anything but was a bit of a laugh.

On a more serious note, our North American friends have been working hard, campaigning to raise the minimum wage in their state. In their own words: "these are small steps, but small steps can bring great changes"


It's with the greatest pleasure that we announce the establishment of MWR's friends in America. We've been lucky enough to get together with a group of McWorkers based in the US who see things similarly to ourselves and who have agreed to become our North American conveners. It's hoped this development will lead to more McDonalds workers groups being established across North America, and to decentralisation of the McWorkers movement away fae Glasgow. If you're based in North America and work for McDonalds or support workers organisation in McDonalds, then please get in touch with our new North American conveners


The Stirling group have a new e-mail address 'cos the old one wasnae working, it's now: mwrstirling@yahoo.co.uk So write to them and send love and kisses.


We've got some of the translations up: Italian, German and Spanish. Special thanks to those responsible and those still working on translations. Can anyone translate into French? Le Francais de la MWR cest pas bon, nous sommes merd. Voudrais l'assistance sil vous plait.


The response to our humble web site has been great. Loads of thanks to everyone who has contacted us. However, it's meant that we've got a bit of a backlog (well the Mount fucking Everest of backlogs, if we're going to be honest) of stuff to send out. And we're taking a while because we're finishing a new leaflet which we want to send out to some people and are also working away, trying to scrabble together the pennies required for postage. So, if you're waiting on stuff then sorry, but it will be on its way, please be patient your inquiry is very important to us, etc...


Mclibel defendant Dave Morris has embarked on a speaking tour of North America. He spoke at a public meeting in Houston on March 16th and we sent this solidarity statement.


Here's an interesting story from Germany, courtesy of a group called "slaves in mutiny". McDonalds wanted to open a new outlet in Germany and so they needed labour cheap and fast. It seems the appeal of a free uniform and £4.00 an hour to work your ass off for one of the dodgiest corporations in the world led to recruitment at a rate that was neither fast enough or cheap enough. So, McDonalds (every governments favourite 'corporate citizen') worked together with the job centre/benefit agency to press gang locals into McService. The new McEmployees get 11,10 DM (about £3.40) an hour. Unemployed people are interviewed in the job centre while the dole officer is present and if they don't accept the job, they will have their benefits cut completely for three months. Work for McDonalds or starve.

Assorted bozos who write to us with inspirational inquiries such as: "if McDonalds is so bad then why do people work there?", or variations on that theme, should take note. Exploitation in the workplace continues because employers are backed by the state, and this backing ultimately takes the form of violence.

It also shows that as workers fighting our employer, our struggle is linked with that of benefit claimants. Governments spend millions trying to convinve workers that claimants are 'scroungers' etc. That's fucking bullshit designed to divide us. Claimants, workers, we're all on the same side. The real scroungers are the bosses who get richer and richer at our expense.


Stop Press: New MWR group up and running. Our friends in Wales can be contacted here


Something serious now. Solidarity to our comrades in Paris: since the 24th October the workers at the Strasbourg-St.Denis branch of McDonald's in Paris have been on strike for the reinstatement of five of their colleagues, who were accused of theft by the management (who have not provided any evidence for their claim). It was obviously a coincidence that the five workers sacked were candidates for the 'elections professionnelles', a kind of works council. The strike, and the campaign surrounding it, have made it possible to come to a list of demands: for a 6% wage increase; better working conditions; bonuses for 'dirty work'; recognition of the right to strike and the right for trade union organisation... The five young workers who were sacked won a tribunal case against McDonald's on 25th January and the court said they have to be given their jobs back. However the fight is not over and there was a massive demo in Paris on 2nd February. La Lutte Continue! Email the strikers or click here for more.


We're in Loaded Magazine this month (the editor said there was room for a few more tits). Read the article here (saves you £3.00, but no Carmen Electra in a thong I'm afraid).


We got a valentines card from Andy Taylor (UK McChief)! He apologised for the whole Christmas thing, said he didn't want to break ranks. Then he asked if we could dominate him. We think it's really sweet that he feels trapped in his stereotypical masculinist role and would like to try being submissive. Can anyone help him? E-mail him and talk dirty.


Happy New Year! We'd better introduce our new friends, MILF! To whom we send our solidarity (I think) even though they describe us as 'pussy white boys'. See the absolute bollocks, they got to say for themselves here

We've also now got a link to a website done by some Russian McWorkers. You need a browser that can support Russian characters to view it, 'cos they got funny writing and that.


Well that's it. Christmas has passed and it would appear senior management haven't put us on their Christmas card list, despite us having sent them this thoughtful message last year. We are all really hurt and offended, it is so rude. Fucking parasites, the struggle shall be intensified, now it's personal...


Solidarity to our friends at WRAM they got caught by McDonalds for their activities recently. What got them was that folk knew about their internet abilities, so unlikely to be a problem for us! Still, their struggle goes on and they have contacts in several stores. Check out their website


Welcome to the long overdue web site maintained by Glasgow MWR. Please have a good look round and if you like what you see then please get in touch and get involved.

Time is running out to send us Christmas messages for senior management. Come on, have a heart, these guys get lonely this time of year, messages must reach us by Dec. 15th, we'll type them up and they'll be delivered by hand to Jack Greenberg's office in Chicago and Andy Taylor's home in Bedfordshire. Remember, the more messages they have to read, the less time they'll have to steal their relatives chocolate money. Go on, send a message!



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