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Become A Regional Contact!
MWR is based around the idea of participation from people like you. Nobody involved with MWR has any special skills or training, we need your help. All MWR's groups and convenors have a say in major decisions regarding the campaign and this web site, and we have a bit of a laugh as well. Nobody needs to know your real name, exact store you work at, or anything else, not even us.
MWR doesn't have a 'party line' that everyone is expected to agree with, that's not what we're about. Everyone has their own ideas and opinions. All we ask is that anyone who wants to become a regional contact confirms the following:

If you agree with that then you should get involved, wherever you are - New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland - we need your help. Sign Me Up! want more info? try the regional contact FAQ's Home Information and Resources More about MWR Alternative Crew Handbook Casper's Minutes

Don't work for McDonald's?


This is Trixxy (it's not really, it's a random McWorker we've never had the pleasure of meeting). Trixxy was (until she presumably found something better to do with her life) the MWR regional contact for the Greater London area. Trixxy says "being a regional contact doesn't involve much work at all and any one can do it. It's feels good and you can remain totally anonymous and it's really important, if you don't do it then who will?" So, don't leave it to someone else, sign up now!

What does the role involve?

see the Regional Contact FAQs