Set up a resistance group at your store!

 Give the group a name then get an anonymous e-mail address. Get in touch with us and we can publicise your group so that other McWorkers in your area can get in touch. You don't have to use your real name or anything. Here are some other ideas:

Be really careful: or you'll get sacked...

Spot potential allies: The guy who is almost crying because someone didn't use the scoop is probably not a potential ally. The girl throwing things about while shouting "I hate this job, I fucking hate this job" probably is.

Spread ideas and information: Discuss and debate with your workmates. Every one's moaning about the job so let's stop moaning and do something about it! What about typing up a simple newsletter for your store? You could do it anonymously and leave copies in peoples' lockers. Could you or one of your mates design a basic web site? Put notices in the crew room, they'll get taken down but some crew might get a chance to read them. Is there a local pub where everyone drinks? Might they let you put up notices?

Do something practical: It could be anything- confront racism, or get long over due bonuses paid, ordinary workers can make a difference...

Make contact with others: Other workers' groups, trade unionists, syndicalists, us lot... Within the UK at least, we should be able to offer contact details for local people who might be able to help.

Meet regularly: Choose a time and a place and try and hold weekly meetings. At the meetings you can plan action, discuss ideas or just have a good piss up.

Help each other: One person might be good at writing letters of appeal, another might be up for physically confronting a bullying manager, someone else might just be a good listener when the job gets a bit too much. As Ray Kroc once said: "none of us is as good as all of us"!

If you need any more help, advice or encouragement to get your own group going then please contact us

 And/ or, you might want to become an MWR regional contact

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