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Unpaid labour
Wage Deductions
Minimum Wage
Sick Pay
Holiday Pay
Maternity Pay
Paternity Pay

McDonalds managers sometimes try to save on labour costs by altering clock card entries. In other words, stealing workers wages. Although this is obviously illegal, in the instances where we know managers have been exposed for this practice they have never been dismissed, suggesting that fraudulent theft of employees' wages is a practice the company is prepared to tolerate. For this reason you should always keep a record of the hours you have worked and should check you have been paid correctly.

Unpaid labour

If you wanted to do voluntary work you wouldn't do it at McDonalds. Never let them tell you that you should not be clocked in when working. You should be clocked in and paid at your usual rate during training meetings, crew meetings, disciplinary hearings (whether of yourself or another employee you are accompanying) and while your till is being cashed up. In short, while you are working, you should be paid. Not a complicated notion but one that McManagers sometimes struggle with. If you are unable to work for some reason not relating to yourself (the store has to close during a bomb threat for example), then you should be paid. True story- a store in London was evacuated because of a bomb threat and the managers made all the crew go back inside to clock out!

You are not entitled to be paid for the time it takes you to travel to work (unfortunately) but if having arrived at work you subsequently have to travel to a different store, then you are entitled to be paid for your time and any expenses you incur.


If you are ever offered a bonus (to work an extra shift for example) then we strongly recommend you insist on signed written confirmation or you will probably never receive anything.

Wage Deductions

Do not accept any deductions from your wages to pay for cash shortages or anything else. There is no legal basis for such deductions.

Minimum Wage

Since the 1 st of October 2003, the national minimum wage has been set at £3.80 for 18-21 year olds and £4.50 for those aged 22 and above. If you are under 18 then you have no rights, can't vote (it's a waste of time anyway) but at least you get to pay tax. The minimum wage is expected to increase again in October 2004. It probably wont help you much since it is set at a level designed not to fuck with big businesses like McDonalds and their incessant quest for profit. However, if you turn 22 and are earning less than £4.50, make sure your wage goes up. If it isn't put up immediately, make sure the difference is back paid.

Sick Pay

You are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay ("SSP") if you are off sick for four or more days in a row, including weekends and holidays and you normally earn more than £77 a week. It is not payable for the first three days in any period of entitlement but thereafter is payable at a flat weekly rate, £64.35 per week. You are entitled to receive a percentage of that basic rate depending on how many ‘qualifying days' you have been sick for. If you work six days a week and you are ill for two full weeks, then the first week you would be entitled to £27.58 as your first three days of sickness would not count. During the second week you would have six qualifying days so you would be entitled to the mighty sum of £64.35, which you could then invest in a chain of ice cream parlours. For periods of illness between four days and a week, you can ‘self-certify', but if you are off for any longer than that you will need a doctors note. There is no minimum period of service required for entitlement to SSP. SSP can last for a maximum of 28 weeks. If you are due it, make sure they pay it! If you're not due it… see if you can make them pay it all the same!

Holiday Pay

You have the right to four weeks paid holiday per year, or proportionally for part of a year. If you work 5 days a week you are entitled to 20 paid days holiday per. Under the regulations you cannot carry untaken holidays forward to the next year. So be sure to use them up! If you're employment is terminated during the course of a year and you have not yet taken your holidays then you are entitled to whatever holiday pay you have accrued. For example, if you work six days a week for three months and then quit without ever taking a paid holiday, you would be entitled to 6 days pay at you usual rate. Again, if you are due it, make sure they pay it!

Maternity/ paternity Pay

If you have a sprog you are entitled to paid leave according to statutory provisions. For more information see:


Yes I am getting screwed illegally.
No I am being screwed within the law.

These pages are ‘use at your own risk’! We’re burger flippers not lawyers and we strongly recommend you consult a ‘no win, no fee’ solicitor before doing anything crazy. We can also only provide a superficial overview here. More detailed information on employment law can be found at:

These pages are based on UK and EU law but some of the information will be relevant in the US and elsewhere. For information on US employment rights, see:

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