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So, who are these crazy kids?
FIRST THERE WERE 40- It all started a few years ago when about forty McDonalds workers, provoked by unpaid bonuses, made an unsuccessful attempt at starting a union at one store in Glasgow. Having failed so miserably, most folk would have given up, alas no...


THEN THERE WERE 15- After a period of dormancy, we regrouped with new tactics and about two years ago we adopted the name MWR. Unlike the failed union drive, MWR was always an 'underground' group, a very loose collection of the most pissed (off) and disobedient employees from a few
THEN THERE WERE 8-We decided to try to provoke and link resistance by Mcworkers around the UK and the world. We made contact with a few others in England and agreed (somewhat unclearly) that MWR should become a network. The first issue of McSues was distributed from Alaska, USA to Christchurch, New Zealand. We are indebted to all our friends who have helped get the rag to Mcworkers. Over the last year we have developed a substantial network and have been frustrated by our inability to support each other better. How do we escape the feeling of isolation and overcome our geographical separation?
Glasgow stores. We practised sabotage and insisted on replacing McDonalds hierarchies with direct democracy. As time progressed we began to realise the futility of trying to take McDonalds on in one store or one town. Simultaneously, our numbers dropped and our increasing secrecy made it difficult for new people to become involved...


















There are only 5 of us in the Glasgow group now, but who knows how many of us there are around the world?


There's the other MWR groups and our individual contacts and there's WRAM and all their contacts and MILF and our friends in France and Italy and Russia and Canada and a million other low paid, pissed off workers with not much to lose and so much to win...



THEN THERE WERE 5- We think one answer is the global day

of action, a chance for Mcworkers and its other opponents to

realise our collective strength.



But where'd all this come from, this sort of stuff happens in coal mines, not McDonlads?


SWrong, this sort of stuff happens in McDonalds every day. There's always people stealing and skiving and people have always tried to take that a stage further, trying to set up trade unions like in Canada or Germany recently, going on strike like in Florence last year, or occupying their store and organising protests like our friends in Paris, or arranging a 'phone in sick day' like our friends in Newcastle. And sure, there's more of this shit been happening recently but it's been going on for years... in France, Spain, Canada, the USA, Ireland, Mexico- where there is McDonalds there is McDonalds workers resistance...





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